Day 32, Sunday 21 May: Fisterra to Muxia 

I started today at 6.30am with a prod in my back from one of the Italians who shared their dinner with me last night and with whom I agreed to walk this morning: just 15 km to a bar with a beach.

The dawn was gorgeous, the walking slow and enjoyable, but for the last kilometre I took the scenic route and when I got to the village I couldn’t find the bar or the Italians, and neither the weather nor the beach were calling me to stay. So, walking with a Swedish / Finnish woman, I continued the remaining 15 or so kilometres to Muxia.

She tells me that what with the 90 km to Fisterra and the 31 to Muxia, I have now walked about 900 km since arriving in France. The Camino Ingles that I plan to start on Tuesday will bring that up to a total of around 1,000 km…

Today was a good day. Both the morning and the afternoon were slow walking with fun and interesting people. Tonight the two of us went for a blow out fish supper. A shower, a shave, clean clothes, and a really good quality meal with an excellent bottle of wine (albarino) at less than half the price we would have paid in Santiago. And with the added ‘bonus’ of Real Madrid playing on the television in the front bar. “Gooooooooaaaaaaaaal!”

A gorgeous start to the day:

And we’re off!

There’s interesting graffiti in a bus stop…

An impressive wood pile:

The snails are still crossing the road

And the sunrise still looks amazing:

(click to enlarge)

Janina and Frances(co):

Some more horreos:

This one has its door open so you can see how the cobs are stacked inside:

On through the woods, till we glimpse the sea again

A party of 8-10 Spanish women I’ve been criss-crossing with for the past couple of days:

By lunchtime it’s turning greyer and colder:

Solveig leads the last 1-2 km into Muxia:

Views of Muxia from the roof of my albergue:

And I only thought to take a photo of the fish after we had already eaten about half of it…


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